Table d’hôte

Maghreb, Ivory Coast, Senegal…ever wondered what these vibrant countries taste like? Now, you can sample the flavours of many of our African neighbours



      (choices include):


      • Soup of the day
      • African Humus served with Injera, a teff crepe
      • Tropical Salad


      (choices include):


      • Sautéed Marocan Scallops with lentils, onions, garlic, and spices. (Maghreb)
      • Tilapia cooked with red peppers, fresh ginger and coconut based sauce. (Ivory Coast)
      • Yassa- Grilled chicken with a lemon, mustard and african herbs sauce. (Senegal)
      • Filet mignon tartare with serrano peppers and red onion, with olive oil and lemon juice, served with spinach and fresh cheese flakes. (Eastern Africa)
      • Charmoula – Grilled Lamb chops, marinated dattes with safran, turmeric and dried fruits. Served with Israeli couscous. (Maghreb)

*Bulgur can be replaced with quinoa, or cassava couscous for a 2$ fee.